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Bee Hunter doubled online sales in June through turnkey email marketing

"If you aren't using this yet, you should be."

Previous platform: Wine Direct

Winery team: A Team of Less Than 5 

Use case: Vinebase Turnkey Email Marketing


As a small team, keeping up with ongoing tasks while simultaneously trying to explore innovative ways to grow can be challenging. And as an established brand, that pressure can be even harder. You have a loyal customer base, now what?

Owners Ali and Andy started Bee Hunter in 2013 and have grown quite the cult fan base for their Mendocino-based brand. But they’re still a small team and Ali finds herself juggling the responsibilities of the tasting room with marketing and sales activities on an almost minute-by-minute basis. 

Ali and Andy now turn to our turnkey email marketing feature to keep their customers engaged year round, offloading the tedious planning and brainstorming of marketing communications and creating more space for creativity and discovering what’s next.

With turnkey email marketing, Ali and Andy enjoy:

  • Marketing emails that look and feel like they wrote it, generated in minutes
  • Guidance on which promotions to run and when to maximize sales, driven by the collective insights across wineries on Vinebase
  • Less stress to keep up the customer communication momentum because sending emails weekly is now a breeze

Challenge: Finding the time and resources to create revenue generating email campaigns

Committed to finding an email solution that worked for their business, Bee Hunter tried using a number of different platforms, including Wine Direct and Mailchimp, for email marketing. No matter the platform, as a two-person team, they struggled to dedicate the time needed to achieve consistent and effective email marketing.

They became frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of their email campaigns and put email marketing on the backburner.


Bee Hunter decided to try out turnkey email marketing to solve an acute pain: while many large wineries have marketing teams and staff members that can spend 1-2 hours on an email campaign each week, independent wineries rarely have this resource. With turnkey email marketing, Ali now spends 5-10 minutes per week and gets an effective email campaign ready for review and sent to their customer list. 

But what makes the turnkey email feature special is how Vinebase utilizes the collective insights across wineries to develop targeted email campaigns that drive tangible business results such as sales, event signups, etc. Instead of spending hours on emails, week after week, without results, Bee Hunter could take advantage of data across the platform to send email campaigns that inspired action from their customers.

"Turnkey emails at Vinebase is a lifesaver. It has saved me so much time! I used to avoid sending out weekly emails because they would take so long to create. Vinebase makes it so easy to do AND we're getting sales from them!"


During their first month using turnkey marketing emails, Bee Hunter saw 122% growth in year over year online sales, AND it took a fraction of the time.

Because of turnkey email marketing, Ali and Andy are able to spend their time on bringing in new customers and building their brand awareness. 

"I sent out 4 emails last month and it only took me 30 minutes total! Turnkey email marketing makes it so easy for me to send quality email campaigns to my customers. All I have to do is tell the program what I want the email to be about and it creates an email for my review! As soon as I approve it, it schedules the email to be sent on my behalf. If you aren't using this yet, you should be."

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