customer story

Bunter Spring migrated his ecommerce in less than 1 hour

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how fast it was! I literally couldn’t believe it.”

Previous platform: Wordpress

Winery team: Solo Winemaker

Use case: Vinebase Hosted Website + Marketplace Listing


Mark Bunter began working in the wine industry in high school and quickly realized he was very interested in wine.

“ I became interested, not only in the process, but in drinking wine and understanding wine.”

He worked in the industry and had other jobs to support himself but at a certain point his interest in wine became overwhelming. He knew that working his way up into winemaking from the cellar wasn’t going to work, so he went to school at night to get degrees in winemaking. At the same time he started making wine in his garage. In 2008 he licensed his operation and went into business after realizing the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for him.

With the Vinebase platform, Mark enjoys:

  • A dynamic website which showcases what makes his story and winery unique
  • Flexibility to focus on his business instead of on designing and maintaining his website
  • State of the art merchandising, giving his customers control over their wine purchases and taking out the back and forth of buying wine over the phone or email


“I realized as soon as I started business that I needed a website and I didn’t want to pay someone to create a website.”

Mark was able to put a website together for himself on Wordpress that achieved the bare minimum, but didn’t allow his customers to purchase wine online. The Covid-19 pandemic impacted his business greatly as his tasting room was forced to shut down temporarily and he didn’t have a way to replace that income. 

When he learned about Vinebase he was excited by the opportunity of having a new website quickly that had all the capabilities he needed as a small independent winery.


The first step was getting Mark a website where his customers could buy his wine online. With Vinebase, he got a fully functioning, dynamic website in 1 hour. Now his customers can purchase wine on his website, send his wine as a gift to a friend, and receive text notifications about the status of their delivery.

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how fast it was! I literally couldn’t believe it.”

Mark was most excited about our automatic content migration from his existing website. Without needing to build his website from scratch, Mark didn’t need to spend hours on his website. That is time he can put back into his business. 

“And the job that [Vinebase] did taking information that was available on my existing website and creating a new website virtually, I mean literally overnight, I couldn’t believe it. I could not believe it and I’m still stunned!”

Because Vinebase was built with the busy winemaker in mind, Mark didn’t have to pay a developer to design specific solutions to fit his winery's needs. He has an easy-to-use Portal to manage his content, orders, and digital presence. And it is all available for him in one place.


"I'm very impressed and pleasantly surprised by the website. I wish Vinebase called me 3 weeks ago so I could have avoided spending $1200 on creating a new website."

Sorry Mark, we’ll try to call you faster next time ;)

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