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Demeter Family Cellars integrates ecommerce for a seamless customer experience

“Vinebase seems to know everything there is to know about selling wine online!”

Previous platform: Web Developer

Winery team: A team of 2 - husband and wife duo

Use case: Vinebase Hosted Website + Marketplace Listing


When James at Demeter Family Cellars first heard about Vinebase he was excited by the opportunity to combine his website and ecommerce to make it easier to sell his wine directly to consumers. 

With the Vinebase platform, Demeter Family Cellars enjoys:

  • A dynamic website and integrated ecommerce solution.
  • State of the art merchandising optimized for DTC wine sales. 
  • The opportunity to showcase what makes his story and winery unique


In 2015 James and his wife started Demeter Family Cellars. Most of their customers were tasting room visitors who happened to be driving by and saw the sign that there was a winery just down the road. The Covid-19 pandemic forced his tasting room to close for almost 2 years. James and his wife realized that without a way to sell their wine online and expand their business outside of their tasting room that they would be unable to stay in business. 

Although James was able to set up a website and an ecommerce solution, it was a technical headache to combine them and was forced to link to an external site for customers to make a purchase. This resulted in James needing to manage multiple sites and spend many hours per month on maintenance instead of on selling and marketing his wines. 

“I was paying too much money for my other website, and it wasn’t really accomplishing anything. They weren’t set up for the wine industry at all and had no idea what to do with it. I knew we wanted to eventually start selling things online and Vinebase is very handy for that.”


The first step was to get Demeter Family Cellars an all-in-one solution that provided a dynamic website as well as ecommerce. Customers today expect buying wine to be a seamless experience. If they can’t purchase wine in a matter of seconds, they second guess the decision to make the purchase at all.

“Vinebase seems to know everything there is to know about selling wine online!”

That's our goal :)


James loved how easy it was to combine his website and ecommerce into one place where he could sell his wine directly to consumers.

Now he can spend his time building awareness for his brand and selling his wines instead of on website development and maintenance.

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