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Rockets Red Wines unlocked nationwide exposure for his niche wine label

"Vinebase allows me to reach customers and markets that I hadn’t been able to before."

Previous platform: Squarespace

Winery team: Solo Winemaker

Use case: Vinebase Hosted Website + Marketplace Listing


Originally hearing about Vinebase from a peer winery on the platform, Jason was intrigued with the concept of one platform boosting visibility for independent wineries. He decided to sign up with his veteran-focused wine label, Rockets Red Wines. 

With the Vinebase platform, Jason enjoys:

  • Nationwide exposure, now selling 2x as much wine outside of California as he does in his home state
  • A dynamic website which showcases what makes his story and winery unique
  • State of the art merchandising, giving him the best possible chance of converting customers on their first visit
  • Opportunities to expand his business including launching a wine club (coming April 2022!)


After 22 years in the military, Jason decided to go back to school to become a winemaker. In 2018 he created Rockets Red Wines to share amazing wines and highlight his time in the military while giving back to the veteran and local community. For veterans, or those with family members who are veterans, Rockets Red is a dream winery to discover. But Jason struggled to reach new customers and grow his brand awareness.

He needed to find a way to become discoverable by more people outside of his local network in Los Alamos.

“It was really tough ‘til about a year ago. As a small producer I don’t have a tasting room… I messed around with paid ads which was just a waste of money, I found. I got a lot of 'likes' but 'likes' didn’t translate into sales.” - Jason, winemaker and owner of Rockets Red Wines


Step one was to get Rockets Red Wines for sale online. While many wineries have robust networks of local customers who can purchase in person or via text, selling to a customer halfway across the country increases complexity around shipping and communications.

Further, customers today expect a seamless experience buying. If they can't click, add to cart, and transact in a matter of seconds, they question whether it’s worth the hassle.

Once was live with a fully functioning ecommerce, Jason was able to send new customers to his website with confidence.

As part of the Vinebase community, Rockets Red Wines has been featured in our rotating winery highlights on social media and email newsletter.

"About a year ago, I got hooked up with a startup company called Vinebase… and they’ve done really well for little guys like me as far as nationwide exposure. Over the past year, I was shipping wine to Santa Barbara County, Slow County, LA county. Now I’m shipping wine to Florida, New York, and Virginia and Texas and all over. So it’s been really great for me for getting nationwide visibility." - Jason, winemaker and owner of Rockets Red Wines


68% of Jason’s business comes from outside of California. In one year, Jason leveraged Vinebase’s reach and capabilities to expand his business nationwide. He now sells more wine outside of California than in.

Jason is able to spend his time growing his community on social media, and building up awareness for his brand.

Most excitingly, Jason is launching his wine club for the first time ever in Spring 2022 using the Vinebase wine club functionality.

“Vinebase allows me to reach customers and markets that I hadn’t been able to before, driving me to more engagements on social media and helping increase my brand presence and awareness.” - Jason, winemaker and owner of Rockets Red Wines

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