The Manifesto

Our operating principles and commitment to our community and customers.

Buying independent wine is the norm

Vinebase sees a world in which buying independent wine is the norm, and it happens in a way that is sustainable for the producer. In 5 years, every independent wine producer has a delightful and seamless experience for people to discover them and is uplifted by the combined weight of the independent wine community.

Vinebase exists to make independent commerce thrive.

We exist to serve independent commerce by empowering wineries to grow their business, with simple solutions and radically fair practices. We are a renaissance for independent wineries. And we choose the word thrive to portray the positive future we envision for those producers.

The Independent Marketplace

We’re helping independent wineries take control of the word Marketplace. In recent years, “Marketplace” has come with a lot of baggage because most are fairly harmful for sellers. We’re creating a different way: For the independent producer, driven by the community around those independent producers.

Meet Community-Driven Commerce

To achieve an Independent Marketplace model, we believe we must be a community-driven commerce platform.

Buying and selling wine online needs to be easy and delightful. This isn’t the case today because of roadblocks like shopping and checkout UX, compliance complexity, and negative delivery experiences.

Wineries need to view the Independent Marketplace as their own and feel like they are partnering with it to drive sales, not compete against it.

Consumers need to understand why buying Independent is better. This needs to become the preferable way to buy wine.

Vinebase will continue to champion the movement of independent wine.

Being on the Independent Marketplace must give independent wineries an unfair advantage. The Independent Marketplace needs to unlock growth opportunities, unlike any other platform by combining the power of data, technology, and the community it supports.