The State of the Independent Marketplace, 2022

We built Vinebase to solve your biggest problem, and it's working. We are excited to release our first annual report detailing how wineries are seeing results and growth through the Independent Marketplace.

To independent wineries:

We built Vinebase to solve your biggest problem: how to grow. Every recent industry report has adamantly urged wineries to think about and invest in digital in order to grow. So adamantly that it begs the question: why hasn’t it happened yet?

We think the answer is simple: you’re an independent winery. Your business and budgets run on your cashflow, not corporate shareholders. Your time must be spent on the most urgent things on your to-do list… which usually isn’t learning about SEO. You could become an ecommerce expert, but it’ll take time away from the wine and the customers you do have.

We created Vinebase with a simple vision: really solve this problem. Our early days as a marketplace have blossomed into a wholistic approach to empowering you to grow. We published our manifesto as our commitment to creating a sustainable platform focused on empowering you to grow.

Our approach is working. We are releasing new case studies all the time showing how wineries have grown using Vinebase and this next year for us is about leaning into what’s working:

1. Powering a holistic approach to growth

2. Starting to unlock the unfair advantages of being independent, together

3. Expanding the community of wineries we support

We are excited to release our first annual The Power of Independent Report to mirror the insights and data the big guys have, translated to the realities of independent producers. This report is only possible because of the community we support - and for your continued trust, we thank you.


Rachel Woods

Co-Founder, CEO

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